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Speaker/Presenter Application

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    Oshkosh Area SHRM Speaker Application Form

    Oshkosh SHRM is looking for education and conference speakers for our monthly membership program meetings and our annual Future HR Conference. The Committee is accepting proposals for future conferences through the online Speaker Application form detailed below.

    Oshkosh SHRM is looking for presentation ideas and proposals that are directly related to topics of interest for HR professionals, executives, and business owners. The Conference Committee encourages both members and non-member to suggest conference topics or suggest a great speaker or presentation that you have attended. Please note that your submission does not guarantee a speaking opportunity and that it will take a few weeks at a minimum to properly process your submission and to provide a response.

    Our monthly membership meetings feature a single presenter/topic per meeting with a maximum duration of 90 minutes.

    Our Future HR Conference is a 4 to 8 hour event featuring mutliple speakers and topics with a presentation duration of 30 to 90 minutes.

    Thank you for your interest.

    The title of your session is the first impression for Conference Attendees. Use a concise, but inclusive, title which clearly conveys what you will be presenting and draws attendees' attention to your topic.
    Your session abstract will tell Conference Attendees why they should attend your session. To be effective and create interest, it should provide a brief, clear, and concise reflection of your presentation’s content. The abstract should only be one paragraph with a 250 word maximum length. Use this section to grab our attention and to define your "Why?".
    List 4 to 5 key elements of your topic. What is the primary message that our audience should takeaway from your presentation?
    Have you given or will you be giving this presentation to another audience. If "yes", please list when and where; if "no" please enter "N/A"
    Please provide us with the contact name, phone number and e-mail address of at least one reference who has firsthand experience of your skills as a presenter and as a subject matter expert on this topic.
    Please provide us with a brief bio that we can use to promote you and your topic to conference attendees and/or can be used for your presenter introduction.
    I would like to be considered for the above events/dates (okay to select multiple options)
    What is your proposed charge for speaking (fee) and any other ancillary expenses?
    I understand that, if selected, I will provide the meeting/conference planners with an electronic copy (e.g. Powerpoint) of my presentation no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the event. Submissions that are significantly different from my original proposal may be rejected at the discretion of the planners and any agreed upon fee will be null and void.
    Use this field to upload a file with more information about you or your topic. We are able to accept files in these formats: .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx Please contact us at if using a different file format.
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