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08/2020 Meetings & Events

    October 2016
    Date Event Type
    October 12 "An Investigative Resource for HR Professionals" Meeting
    October 24 Diversity & Inclusion Conference & Exposition Conference
    November 2016
    Date Event Type
    November 9 Legislative Update Meeting
    November 15 Fall Membership Social Networking Event
    December 2016
    Date Event Type
    December 14 USERRA Workshop Meeting
    January 2017
    Date Event Type
    January 11 Health Care Reform & Employers
    February 2017
    Date Event Type
    February 8 Best Practices in Measuring and Driving Employee Engagement
    March 2017
    Date Event Type
    March 8 FMLA
    March 13 Law & Legislative Conference Conference
    April 2017
    Date Event Type
    April 18 Mission Driven Culture
    April 24 Talent Management Conference & Exposition Conference
    April 27 Champange Chat
    May 2017
    Date Event Type
    May 5 Leadercast 2017
    August 2017
    Date Event Type
    August 15 SHRM Membership Event
    September 2017
    Date Event Type
    September 13 "Redefining HR: Solving People Problems, not People’s Problems"
    October 2017
    Date Event Type
    October 11 Developing a Coaching Culture
    November 2017
    Date Event Type
    November 8 Legislative Update
    December 2017
    Date Event Type
    December 13 The Life Changing Jar!
    January 2018
    Date Event Type
    January 10 Safety & Risk Management for the HR Professional
    January 10 Safety and Risk Management for the HR Professional
    January 12 A Lesson in Diversity
    February 2018
    Date Event Type
    February 14 A Lesson in Diversity
    March 2018
    Date Event Type
    March 14 The Building Blocks to Meaningful Wellness
    April 2018
    Date Event Type
    April 11 What We Do…Why We Do It
    May 2018
    Date Event Type
    May 4 Leadercast
    June 2018
    Date Event Type
    June 5 The Future HR-Technology Conference
    June 21 Oshkosh Area SHRM Chapter HR Roundtable
    September 2018
    Date Event Type
    September 12 Emotional Intelligence/Emotional Hijacking/Know Thyself
    October 2018
    Date Event Type
    October 10 Generation Collide
    November 2018
    Date Event Type
    November 8 Escape Oshkosh Networking Event Networking Event
    November 14 Social Media Management
    December 2018
    Date Event Type
    December 12 Legislative Update Meeting
    January 2019
    Date Event Type
    January 9 Employee Benefits in 2019 Meeting
    February 2019
    Date Event Type
    February 13 RESCHEDULED FOR APRIL>Value-Added HR: A Strategic Approach Meeting
    March 2019
    Date Event Type
    March 11 (ASQ) Strategic Workforce Planning and Talent Acquistion Pipelines Meeting
    March 13 Six Smart Strategies to Address Today's Serious Skills Gap Meeting
    April 2019
    Date Event Type
    April 2 Winning the War for Talent: Turning HR Departments from Farmers of Talent to Hunters of Talent Meeting
    April 10 Value-Added HR: A Strategic Approach Meeting
    May 2019
    Date Event Type
    May 10 Leadercast 2019: Leading Healthy Teams Seminar
    May 21 Future HR Conference Conference
    May 23 Springle at Mahoney's Networking Event
    September 2019
    Date Event Type
    September 11 Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch Meeting
    October 2019
    Date Event Type
    October 9 Unlocking Potential: Getting Talent Back to Work Meeting
    November 2019
    Date Event Type
    November 13 November Chapter Meeting: Stages of Grief Meeting
    December 2019
    Date Event Type
    December 11 December Chapter Meeting: Legal Update Meeting
    January 2020
    Date Event Type
    January 8 January Chapter Meeting Meeting
    February 2020
    Date Event Type
    February 12 Up in Smoke: February Chapter Meeting Meeting
    March 2020
    Date Event Type
    March 11 Vinegar, Honey & Change: March Chapter Meeting Meeting
    April 2020
    Date Event Type
    April 23 Future HR Conference Conference
    September 2020
    Date Event Type
    September 9 September Chapter Meeting Meeting
    October 2020
    Date Event Type
    October 14 October Chapter Meeting Meeting
    November 2020
    Date Event Type
    November 11 November Chapter Meeting Meeting
    December 2020
    Date Event Type
    December 9 December Chapter Meeting: Legal Update Meeting